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  1. ulito on


  2. iopq on


  3. Anonymous on

    lol internet

  4. Anonymous on

    How do I posted picture?

  5. yyi on


  6. Anonymous on

    hey wut up /b/

  7. ? on

    will pics start being posted or no?????

  8. jonathan on

    it’s good

  9. Jon on

    Works friggin’ FANTASTIC. GJ, guys!

  10. dorikid on


  11. /B/rutha on


  12. dorikid on


  13. NotQuiteRight on

    Wow. I try to come back to 6chan to laugh at how pathetic it is and tell the pedophiles to kill themselves, and lo and behold it’s dead. Yet again. Another time.

    I can’t even make any insults. It’s like laughing at the special olympics, but none of you are retarded. Allegedly.

  14. Moot on

    haha oh wow

  15. Anonyguy on

    I came.


  16. Anonymous on


  17. WHEN!!!! on


  18. iopq on


  19. Comrade Boco on

    What happened to /b/??????? I’m scared!

  20. Mooters -Admin- on

    Narunet broke it.

  21. Comrade Boco on


  22. iopq on

    who’s narunet and when are we lynching him

  23. Mooters -Admin- on

    >> who’s narunet and when are we lynching him

    Narunet is the owner of 6channel.
    I’m guessing some either happen to the host, or the php script.

  24. Comrade Boco on

    We need 6chan! Just ask and I will do whatever I can for the greater good! (I can’t do much, but I wanna help!)

  25. Chaos on

    Its good to see 6-chan back on its feet. i can’t wait until this site is completely up and running, and i hope it stays up for a long while, i have been fallowing 6-chan since 2004 so i hope it stays!

  26. Ropert the Bruce on

    My Condolences regarding the site. Here’s to the hope we can get it back up in the near future

  27. mark mills on

    ilove it

  28. Skunch on

    When are the img boards gonna be up? Should I check in a few months?

  29. Raptor jesus on

    THis would be sweet wince I can go on at school

  30. Damien on

    i am damien the son of satan im your new daddy now! have fun!

  31. cell on


  32. cody on

    i think im awsome..

  33. cody on

    is there a pic? :?

  34. cody on

  35. cody on

    damn.. html code doesent wrk!!

  36. celpjefscycle on

    Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

  37. scum on

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  38. Handy Peterson on

    Hay gaise, wait we can say “guys”!
    Umm WTF is going on with 4chan and even 7chan?

  39. Anonymous on


  40. Anonymous on

    need your help details on link thanks again http://ihatekaty.com/?id=319913#6dzz5z54fsdq7ez78z8d

  41. Save Me on

    The largest criminal fraud in recorded history

    George’s second great depression
    How Bush destroyed the economy

    1. Introduction – Bradley Craft / Cordite
    In January 2001 criminals successfully infiltrated the U.S. Department of the Treasury and immediately began an eight year program to sabotage the U.S. economy. By every measure, GDP growth, jobs, median incomes, unemployment, bankruptcies, financial-market performance, George Bush stacks up as the most destructive President on the economic front since Herbert Hoover. The fundamental tactics were pioneered by the Nazis in the 1920 to 1945 time frame as a clever way of wiping out the U.S. economy, thus ensuring an easy Nazi victory.

    The Federal Reserve still refuses to release its extreme deflationary death grip upon the U.S. economy. The annual growth rate of the money supply, instead of its correct (neutral) 4 percent per year growth rate, has been maintained at an extreme deflationary zero percent growth rate since January 2005 (see federalreserve.gov, money stock, M1 or M11). The rate was an extreme inflationary 7 percent from January 2001 to December 2004. A 4 percent growth rate is neither inflationary nor deflationary. This has effectively destroyed the economy. An extreme inflationary monetary policy is also know of as creating bubbles. An extreme deflationary monetary policy is also known of as bursting bubbles. The crooks are doing everything but what they should be doing, as usual.

    Destroying the economy is a very obvious criminal activity. It violates 18 USC Chapter 105, sabotage. As invariably occurs in these cases, it is not the lack of a law, but the failure to enforce the law that is the cause of the problem. A large amount of palm greasing and financial conflict of interest also is involved, as well as good old fashioned treason against the United States. You are dealing with the type people that would murder their own mother for an ounce of gold if they thought they could get away with it.

    The importance of controlling infiltration can be seen in the development of national borders with unique national languages. Damage can be caused by slow immigration or by a rapid armed invasion. The point is that good times lead to gross overpopulation, gross overpopulation leads to the food running out, and the food running out leads to swarms of people or insects looking for more food far from home.

  42. oiuyio8y on
  43. Sup on

    Hola añon.

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