Well, I think it’s about time to tell you what’s going on with 6chan. If you haven’t noticed, I have started a small sub site named “” this was because the old had gone down and I thought I could bring it back up, which I did. (not as good as I hoped to, but it works none the less). Something that will be happening soon is 6chan and not4chan will merge to become one site, not4chan. It will be separated by two sub-domains, and subtle differences in color layouts based on the underage content, and the old 6chan content. Also, there will be some board consolidation because of the new change. Now, this is not a gay G4techTV type merger, this will be a much better merger and I hope that everyone will like it.

Before this happens, I will be accepting mod applications for the underage content part of the site, and the old 6chan-type part of the site. If you are interested please e-mail: narunetwork+mod -at- gmail -dot- com. If you send the application to “narunetwork” without the plus, it will not be accepted because you are a dumb ass and can’t follow directions.


Admin Panel!

Okay, I have been getting a few things done in the last two days. I have finally made a nice admin interface that I plan on making usable with a “mod” panel. Right now, the panel works so I do not have to always go back and look at the other shit and then get really confused on what the fuck is going on and just get screwed over. Now, since it is some good development, I wanted to shove you a screenshot, well, here it is:

Admin Panel

Just a small update for yah.


Okay, okay. I know, you probably want to know “IS HE FUCKING DONE DOING ANYTHING YET?!” Well, the answer is, not even close. I have been extremely lazy with the site, plus homework sucks. I really can’t do that much right now, but I finally got that ram in the lappy, so I am going to be working on that soon. I just formatted it and put OS X 10.4 on it, so that will soon be nice. Something that I have been wanting to do with Wakaba (the back-end code for the image boards) is make it so internally I can manage all of the boards in one central location, instead of individually. Managing them individually is mostly why the site isn’t back up yet, too much work.

Another thing is, as we continue to grow, we are going to need a boat-load of moderators. Well, at present time, I can’t do that without giving out a password to every single person who is going to be a moderator for that specific board. I am looking to recode the whole admin/mod interface, but I don’t really know that much about perl, except how to code using the template interface, which is realllly fucking easy. And, some things for you guys, of course. I wanted to get a new feature that lets you put a post in a moderation queue so then mods can take a quick look at it, kinda like 4chan’s reporting system. Also, I wanted to make it so the script will save the original file name and display it in reply posts like 4chan, it’s a nice feature that Wakaba has lacked.

Well, that’s enough for tonight, I need to get my ass to sleep, I have school tomorrow.


Okay, school is starting tomorrow. I don’t know if you can tell, but I am not happy about this at all. This makes it so I am hit with a shit load of work to do and well, it makes it so I can’t do a lot for the site. This means, when I finally get the site back up and running, I will need more than one mod. Having one mod has been suffice, but as I see 6chan coming back, I see it getting bigger, and bigger. Now, choosing a mod for a image board is hard, as, I don’t have a seperate panel for a mod, it’s just the same admin panel I get when I login. I am going to be trying to fix this in the next few days/weeks as I code in some new addons to the script (wakaba) so I can have this be a thing of the past. Oh and, I finally got my laptop to have enough ram to do shit! Now I can have a web browser and a IM client open at the same time with out experencing lag!

Well, other than that, nothing to report over here. Other than I am lazy as fuck.

/b/ is here

Calling All Coders!!

Okay, I need some people that can either, code in PHP or Perl because I need to have some things done. I cannot pay you, but I can offer you a bit of space, and I can host a domain. And come on, if you like 6chan, why not just help out. I mean look at 4chan.. coda and snacks never got paid.


E-mail me: narunetwork -at- gmail -dot- com

What New Boards Would You Like?

If you didn’t know, I suck at making ideas for an image board. I am very creative, but when I get to this subject, it’s like hitting a brick wall. Now, this is where I get the community involved, because you know, an image board isn’t going to go anywhere without a community user-base. Now, since we’re on the subject, please leave, in the comments, the boards that you would like too see become a reality.

Now, I would like ideas that many people would like, not just some random niche that about 10 people like, the board will become small, and it’s just going to be a waste. Now, don’t get me wrong, niches are going to be good, but don’t put niches that no one is going to look at, or post on, except for about 10 people.

BTW, the Shota and Loli boards are not going away, I don’t give a shit about their new law, they can shove it.


Welcome to the blog of 6chan. I needed a way to tell people that I am still alive, and shit. And, I didn’t feel like installing WP or some shit, so I just came here and did it.

This month, I will start working on the site, I haven’t had enough time lateley, so this is why I haven’t done it. I fucking hate cancer so much. (no, I don’t have it, someone in my family does) I’ve been doing a lot of other shit, so yeah.

More Later